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Shadow Insurance Explained
Over the last month, international tax planning and captive insurance -- two areas of law and tax planning typically shrouded in mystery -- have come to the forefront of the news cycle. ...
bonddad 06/13/2013 18 24 - -
An Open Letter to Michelle Malkin Regarding Health Care
Ms. Malkin: In a series of Twitter exchanges reported on Talking Points Memo (see GOP Senator Spars With Michelle Malkin On ‘Obamacare’ published on June 14, 2012) you stated that the ...
bonddad 06/15/2012 169 398 1 1747
The Leading Indicators Are CRASHING ... Not Really
In July, the community was informed that two leading indicators were "crashing;" the ECRI's ...
bonddad 12/17/2010 313 70 1 145
Reports of US Economic Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated
The LA Times ran a story last weekend titled, Still Betting on Economic Doomsday -- and Still Waiting. The ...
bonddad 11/28/2010 586 440 27 292
NBER confirms Obama - Democratic recovery began in 2009
This is a joint diary by Bonddad and New Deal democrat. In December 2008, with the economy and employment in freefall, NDD ...
bonddad 09/21/2010 838 299 5 128
Leading Indicators Are Not "Crashing"
Recently, we're been told that leading indicators are crashing, with the implication that a double-dip recession is assured. This is not the case.
bonddad 07/11/2010 853 443 10 274
Bonddad's Economic Reckoning
On August 24 of last year, I wrote a GBCW diary, largely because of the uncivil tone expressed in my diaries regarding my economic analysis.
bonddad 05/06/2010 830 899 19 175
Since I have been writing about how I believe the economy is bottoming, the tone of the comments has grown increasingly negative and personal. While I am happy to engage in civil debate, I am not ...
bonddad 08/24/2009 1655 898 14 141
The Myth of the Black Swan
The most common argument made against people who see a recovery emerging is that we are in the middle of uncharted waters where the traditional rules of economic analysis don't apply. As I will ...
bonddad 08/23/2009 522 240 12 44
When Will the Jobs Return?
Despite the fact that most economic numbers are currently moving in the right direction, one statistic remains stubbornly high: the unemployment rate. The question on everybody's lips is when will ...
bonddad 08/22/2009 564 225 9 41
More Signs Of Economic Stabilization Emerging
Over the last week and a half more data has emerged that the economies of the US and our trading partners are stabilizing. Let's take a look at the data.
bonddad 08/20/2009 349 132 3 59
Tax Fraud, Tax Havens, UBS and Bears .... Oh My!
The US government has come to an agreement with UBS regarding a long-running tax fraud investigation. This has been a fascinating case to watch for several reasons which I will explain below.
bonddad 08/17/2009 22 30 1 47
Why End of Life Counseling is Imperative
Now there is talk about removing the end of life counseling requirement from the health care bill. We all know that idiots like Sarah Palin (who was made to look the fool by that intellectual titan ...
bonddad 08/13/2009 256 295 4 26
Krugman: "Economy Is Stabilizing and May Have Hit Bottom"
From Bloomberg: The U.S. economy is stabilizing and may have bottomed out, as the government’s ...
bonddad 08/11/2009 441 222 4 56
It Was A Good Week For Economic news
This week we saw more evidence that the worst of the recession is behind us.
bonddad 08/08/2009 152 85 - 42
Employment Report Shows More Evidence of Economic Bottom
From the BLS: Nonfarm payroll employment continued to decline in July (-247,000), and the unemployment rate was little ...
bonddad 08/07/2009 145 52 4 30
More Signs of An Economic Bottom
This week we saw several more pieces of data which add up to a sign the economy is bottoming. Let's go to the data.
bonddad 08/01/2009 90 65 2 27
Is the Housing Market Bottoming?
I never thought I would contemplate the end of the housing market decline -- it's been with us for a very long time. But now there are preliminary signs of stabilization. Let's look at the charts.
bonddad 07/29/2009 377 109 2 27
The End of the End of the End of the Recession
David Rosenberg's work is making a buzz. I referenced his work on June 16 in an article titled Don't ...
bonddad 07/27/2009 581 268 9 72
Is the Recession Over?
It is according to a recent Newsweek headline. Let's look at some of the data points to see what they say.
bonddad 07/26/2009 386 135 1 248
It Was a Good Week For Economic News
Like last week, this week we learned more about the underlying structure of the US economy. More and more little pieces are coming together indicating the worst is probably over.
bonddad 07/25/2009 110 56 - 29
The Obama Rally Continues
In January of this year the right wing was up in arms about -- well, everything. Every one of Obama's plans was going to destroy the economy. And from January through March the right wing's ...
bonddad 07/23/2009 80 56 2 18
The Swan Isn't Black and We're Not Screwed
One of the great things about blogs is they encourage a healthy debate among people of differing opinions. On Thursday I wrote and article ...
bonddad 07/20/2009 623 271 7 35
More Signs of An Economic Bottom
The economic news this week added further evidence to the story that the economy is bottoming. While we are not out of the woods yet (by a long shot) the worst is behind us.
bonddad 07/18/2009 346 187 3 50
The Black Swan Myth
I've been seeing more and more people comment that we're in a black swan situation. The phrase black swan "refers to high-impact, hard-...
bonddad 07/16/2009 154 51 2 38
Will Trade Lead Us Out of Recession?
Consider the following chart from the Census Bureau: Notice that one benefit of the recession have been a declining ...
bonddad 07/13/2009 215 24 1 17
The Economic Free Fall is Over
Gloom and doom is the way of blogs lately. Nothing is good; everything is bad. Unfortunately, lost in this translation is a set of monthly trends that shows the worse is over. Now -- this does ...
bonddad 07/08/2009 788 484 17 160
An Economic Chicken And Egg Story
I really wish we could all wake up tomorrow (or today which would be better) and see headlines like "the economy is returning to 4% growth and unemployment is at 5%". Unfortunately that is not ...
bonddad 06/29/2009 139 81 4 57
The Recovery Is On the Horizon (with Update by NDD)
Doom sells. When someone says "the sky is falling" it's easy to say "yes it is -- and we're all just plain going to hell." However, the data points of the last 3-4 months indicate the economy is ...
bonddad 06/27/2009 551 419 14 112
Can We Afford All This Spending?
There has been a war of words written about Washington's recent increase in spending. However, none of this has focused on the numbers -- as in the data. So, let's take a look at the numbers to see ...
bonddad 06/18/2009 415 267 11 24
Don't Expect A Consumer Led Recovery
This article is a joint article between Bonddad and Invictus at Blah3. When economist David Rosenberg left Merrill Lynch to head back to his native Canada, he gave ...
bonddad 06/16/2009 226 152 7 86
Volcker Sees Growth By Year End
From the AP: Global financial markets are starting to heal and the U.S. economy ...
bonddad 06/15/2009 114 34 - 22
It Was A Good Week For Economic News
Total US GDP is roughly $14 trillion dollars in total size. Because of this size it simply won't reverse on a dime -- especially considering the length and breadth of the current recession. ...
bonddad 06/13/2009 172 162 2 35
Art Laffer Is Wrong On Inflation
Yesterday the right wing world was ablaze with an Art Laffer editorial in the WSJ. Hyper inflation is on the way -- at least ...
bonddad 06/11/2009 55 55 1 42
Is the Treasury Market Signaling Recovery?
A lot has been written about the yield curve lately. Some are saying Treasuries are dropping only because of the increase in federal spending while others are saying we're simply going through a ...
bonddad 06/05/2009 116 51 1 19
A Tax Lawyer Refutes Glenn Beck's Call To Lawlessness
Sometime last week Glenn Beck posed a question: what if one million people did not pay their taxes? Beck couched this statement in the context of civil disobedience, citing a quote from Gandhi. He ...
bonddad 05/31/2009 171 265 10 31
What Will Economic Recovery Look Like?
Over the last few months we're had several important signs that the economy may be bottoming.
bonddad 05/30/2009 131 50 2 36
Krugman Says We Could See Growth By Year End
From Reuters: The world economy has avoided "utter catastrophe" and industrialized countries could register ...
bonddad 05/27/2009 393 158 8 47
Inflation From Money Creation Isn't  A Problem
A commonly expressed concern regarding the Federal Reserve's recent policy actions is by increasing money supply the Federal Reserve is stoking the fires of inflation once the recovery starts. This ...
bonddad 05/24/2009 249 159 12 130
Do We Need Another WPA?
This is a joint article from New Deal democrat and Bonddad Regardless of when this recession ends, the malaise of working and middle class America will not be relieved until wages increase, ...
bonddad 05/17/2009 240 202 2 95
Are Retail Sales Bottoming?
The latest retail sales news was followed by a fairly bearish commentary. However, I disagree with this sentiment for the following reasons.
bonddad 05/16/2009 140 65 1 20
BREAKING: Daily Kos Bans Good Economic News
This is a joint article from New Deal Democrat and Bonddad. On Saturday May 9, Meteor Blades wrote a front page diary titled,
bonddad 05/11/2009 811 584 20 119
Has the Employment Situation Bottomed?
From Barron's Layoffs appear to have peaked. Initial jobless claims fell 34,000 this ...
bonddad 05/08/2009 43 41 2 203
How Do We Get Out of This Economic Mess, Pt. II
Before me move into today's information, let's backtrack over last week's GDP report. In the previous article I expressed a high degree of bearishness regarding consumer spending. Yet in the ...
bonddad 05/02/2009 60 57 1 15
The Geithner Gambit
From Bloomberg: At least six of the 19 largest U.S. banks require additional capital, ...
bonddad 04/29/2009 99 61 3 20
How Do We Get Out of This Economic Mess, Part I
Last week on my blog I took an in-depth look at the four sub-parts of GDP -- personal consumption expenditures, gross private domestic investment, exports and government spending. The point of this ...
bonddad 04/26/2009 186 133 8 207
If This Is An Improving Economy, We're In Trouble
Several important economic people have publicly stated they see the economy getting better. Over the last several weeks, Larry Summers said he has heard anecdotal information that things are ...
bonddad 04/19/2009 543 320 14 123
Where Were the Teabag Protests 8 Years Ago?
Today there are supposed to be many teabag rallies across the country. They are getting together to protest reckless government spending or the large deficits the Obama administration is racking up ...
bonddad 04/15/2009 359 562 24 150
Why Our Tax Code is So Complicated
I wrote this for the Huffington Post for tax day. One of the most common refrains about the US tax code is it's too complicated -- and that compliance costs far too much for the average ...
bonddad 04/14/2009 64 45 1 29
The Problems of Nationalizing the Banks Remain
On January 23 of this year I wrote an article titled The Problems of Nationalization In it I ...
bonddad 04/12/2009 212 87 5 27
A Tax Lawyer Explains Tax Havens
Offshore Tax Havens have been in the news a great deal lately. Stanford Financial utilized an offshore jurisdiction for their banking needs and now we've learned the AIG utilized certain offshore ...
bonddad 04/03/2009 61 79 3 15
A Tax Lawyer Explains Tax Havens
Offshore Tax Havens have been in the news a great deal lately. Stanford Financial utilized an offshore jurisdiction for their banking needs and now we've learned the AIG utilized certain offshore ...
bonddad 04/02/2009 38 51 5 91
Krugman is Wrong
Paul Krugman is a Nobel prize winning economist and one of the leading thinkers in the Democratic Party. He is held in high regard by many people -- myself included. In fact, I have cited his work ...
bonddad 03/28/2009 630 346 24 329
The Obama Rally Begins
From Investors Business Daily: Stocks took advantage of a few surprises Thursday as ...
bonddad 03/27/2009 412 536 12 83
The Geithner Plan
From the WSJ: However, the financial system as a whole is still working against recovery. Many banks, still ...
bonddad 03/23/2009 888 477 38 82
The Treasury's Bail-Out Plan Explained
From the WSJ: The Treasury's bank strategy is twofold. One, get enough capital into the 19 biggest banks so ...
bonddad 03/21/2009 380 293 21 26
Thanks, You're Welcome and Why the Blogs Got It Right
There is currently a diary on the recommended list titled Reading Dkos and Bonddad saved us! (...
bonddad 03/17/2009 277 643 29 49
The Economy -- Not the President -- Is Tanking the Market
One of the more ridicules statements going around over the last few weeks is "this is an Obama bear market." This statement is, well, ill-informed at best and fraudulent at worst. Let's look at why.
bonddad 03/09/2009 515 416 17 33
The Unemployment Report: Analysis and Ugly Pictures
From the BLS: Nonfarm payroll employment continued to fall sharply in February (-651,000), and the unemployment rate rose ...
bonddad 03/06/2009 168 155 6 22
Fourth Quarter GDP Looks Terrible
At the end of last week, the BEA released its updated version of 4th Quarter GDP. The short version is simple: there is no good news in this report.
bonddad 03/03/2009 330 222 11 21
Banking Is in Critical Condition
Yesterday the FDIC released it's quarterly banking profile. Frankly, the report is terrible at best. Below is the summation paragraph along with relevant charts from the same report. I encourage ...
bonddad 02/27/2009 339 173 10 17
Is There A Fundamental Shift Occuring In The Economy?
Consumer spending is responsible for 70% of US economic growth. However, over the last few quarters we have seen a big drop in personal consumption expenditures and an increase in personal savings.
bonddad 02/26/2009 652 343 19 90
Supply Side Economics And Generational Theft
Sometime over the last few weeks Republicans started to use the phrase "generational theft" to describe the stimulus bill. I found this particularly interesting considering supply-side economics ...
bonddad 02/23/2009 304 364 39 24
Overall The Economy Is Terrible
A few days ago the Fed released the minutes of its latest meeting. I love these types of reports because they show us what the Federal Reserve is seeing. Therefore, it gives us an idea for what they ...
bonddad 02/21/2009 144 73 3 13
The Problems of Nationalization Stilll Remain
Yesterday the Financial Times ran an article which said Alan Greenspan was now in favor of limited nationalization. This was taken as a sign that the tide was turning in favor of nationalization -- ...
bonddad 02/19/2009 235 163 7 24
The Job Market is Collapsing
Recent news from the jobs market has been terrible. Consider these points from the latest employment report: Payroll ...
bonddad 02/10/2009 547 415 17 38
Why the Stimulus is Needed, Pt. II
I'm going to say this as simply as possible. There is a great deal of confusion out there about the stimulus. Let's clear it up.
bonddad 02/06/2009 209 61 1 24
Why the Stimulus is Needed
One point becomes clear when looking at the current state of the US economy: without a stimulus we are in deep trouble. Consider the following points from ...
bonddad 02/02/2009 280 234 12 32
Why the Stimulus is Needed
One point becomes clear when looking at the current state of the US economy: without a stimulus we are in deep trouble. Consider the following points from ...
bonddad 01/31/2009 43 62 2 242
So Now They're Fiscal Conservatives
From the NY Times: President Obama won House approval for an $819 billion economic plan without a single vote from Republicans as Democrats sought to ...
bonddad 01/29/2009 398 508 21 66
Lending Is Contracting -- As Well It Should
There is a rather ridicules line of thought going on regarding the banking industry: if you receive TARP funds then lending is supposed to increase. Not only was this an incredibly stupid line of ...
bonddad 01/26/2009 53 37 2 19
The Problems of Nationalization
There has been an increased call for a nationalization of some or perhaps all US banks. I will argue against this for several reasons. First, given the size of the US financial industry, ...
bonddad 01/23/2009 322 114 6 35
Why TARP Was -- And Is -- Still Necessary UPDATE
Much has been written about the Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP. Little to none of it has been good. Some of this criticism is warranted but some of it falls off the mark. Regardless of the ...
bonddad 01/19/2009 473 345 17 241
The Great Depression Pt. IV
In Part I of this series,
bonddad 01/08/2009 187 341 48 140
The Great Depression Pt. III
In Part I of this series,
bonddad 01/05/2009 172 229 43 117
The Great Depression, Pt. II
In Part I of this series, New Deal Democrat and I looked at the years ...
bonddad 01/02/2009 266 294 47 72
The Great Depression, Pt. I
This article is the first in a series on the Great Depression. I am writing this with the help of New Deal Democrat (who blogs over at Economic ...
bonddad 12/31/2008 499 608 94 124
Senator McConnell -- Idiot of the Highest Order
From the Washington Post: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (
bonddad 12/29/2008 467 689 21 87
Defending and Fixing Wall Street, Part II: Credit Default Swaps
In the first article of this series I discussed how to reform the mortgage underwriting market. This article will focus on credit default swaps, or CDS’.
bonddad 12/27/2008 195 169 18 38
Dennis Prager Endorses Marital Rape
on December 23, Dennis Prager wrote a column titled, "When a Woman Isn't In the Mood, Part I".
bonddad 12/26/2008 868 296 3 248
Defending and Fixing Wall Street, Part I
Given the current environment this appears to be the worst possible time for anyone to even think about defending Wall Street. The markets have lost at least 40% of their value this year, Congress ...
bonddad 12/23/2008 153 113 9 67
We Weren't Punked; There is A Severe Financial Crisis
A recent paper by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve has gotten a lot of attention. The paper is titled Facts ...
bonddad 12/20/2008 301 325 21 38
Actually -- There Is A Credit Crunch
Recently the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Issued a Paper titled, "Facts and Myths About the Financial Crisis of 2008". In the introduction the paper states, "Here we examine four claims about the ...
bonddad 12/18/2008 49 62 4 18
The Fed's Kitchen Sink Interest Rate Policy
The Fed announced their policy of establishing "a target range for the federal funds rate of 0 to 1/4 percent."
bonddad 12/16/2008 423 215 8 40
The Republicans Want A Depression UPDATE
From the WSJ: A frantic, last-ditch attempt to forge a relief package for the auto industry collapsed ...
bonddad 12/12/2008 808 853 32 246
If We're Going to Spend, Now's the Time To Do So
From the NY Times: President-elect Barack Obama promised Saturday to create the largest public works construction program since the inception of the interstate highway system a half ...
bonddad 12/07/2008 424 316 14 55
An Overview of the Recession
From the WSJ: The U.S. economy has been in recession for about a year, according to the ...
bonddad 12/04/2008 543 442 35 65
How Long Will the Recession Last?
Above is a chart from the Bureau of Labor ...
bonddad 11/19/2008 436 185 5 27
To Democratic Senators: YOU SUCK
OK -- allow me a political rant. This is one of the dumbest things I have seen in my life.
bonddad 11/18/2008 748 715 5 59
How We Can Fix the Economy
In my previous article I highlighted the general economic problems President-elect Obama faces. In ...
bonddad 11/13/2008 553 391 42 116
President-elect Obama: You Inherit an Economy in Shambles
To President elect Obama: congratulations. You have won an impressive victory. However, there is much work to be done. Most people who voted felt the economy was the most important issue. There ...
bonddad 11/07/2008 348 330 31 41
A Final Look At Bush's Economic Disaster
On Tuesday we will elect a new president. That means it's an appropriate time to take one last look at the "Bush Boom".
bonddad 10/29/2008 307 475 48 60
Republicans Are the Real Socialists
I've been watching the news for the last few days (or maybe the last week) and frankly the fact that any intelligent idea actually gets out and discussed in the national media seems far-fetched and ...
bonddad 10/28/2008 31 34 1 48
Memo to Republicans: Who's the Socialist?
I live in Houston, Texas. All we have on the AM radio dial is right-wing radio. While 24 hours of the likes of Rush, Hannity and their ilk may seem a bit much (and it really can be at times) it ...
bonddad 10/20/2008 297 401 14 68
An Explanation Of the Treasury's Debt And Equity Plan
From the WSJ: The U.S. government is expected to take stakes in nine of the nation's top financial institutions as part of a new plan to restore confidence to the battered U.S. banking ...
bonddad 10/14/2008 180 287 30 24
I originally wrote this on October 21, 2006. But it seems especially prescient now. I remember the painful memories of election 2004. The exit polls gave Kerry Ohio and hence the election.
bonddad 10/13/2008 35 96 1 23
We WILL GET THROUGH This Financial Crisis
Paul Volcker was the last great Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He was presented with a terrible situation -- stagflation, or weak growth and high inflation. He could only tackle one problem. He ...
bonddad 10/10/2008 762 732 41 39
Explanation of the Last Two Days Of Economic News
Below is a compilation of posts from my blog.
bonddad 10/08/2008 73 92 5 28
Economy In Shambles; Markets Crashing UPDATE
Wow. It's only Monday and the markets are getting creamed. The SPYs are down 4.34%, the QQQQs are down 3.65% and the IWMs are down 4.75%. The bottom line is the markets are not happy with the way ...
bonddad 10/06/2008 629 585 53 131
Last Week's Economic News Was Terrible
Last week there were other economic news releases aside from the bail-out. Unfortunately, they were all terrible and indicate the recession continues.
bonddad 10/04/2008 55 66 - 16
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